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YES – You CAN Make a GENUINE Living on the Internet!

There are a number of reasons why I decided to start this blog. First and foremost I wanted to remove some of the “smoke and mirrors” that seem to be used by people marketing “work-at-home” type offers. They always tend to push these opportunities as easy ways to make money online, usually with ridiculous statements of just how much money you could be making in “just one month” etc – does this ring a bell for you? They then go on to tell you how much more spare time you’ll have to spend with your loved ones by earning a living online, etc,etc.

Well – let me tell you here and now – in my experience those statements aren’t entirely true – and I think any rational person will feel a twang of “doubt” when reading them – your instincts set off little alarm bells – and they are right to do so.

Having said that – there ARE some high quality ‘work-at-home’ products and offers out there and money IS being made – in many cases good money (in US dollars) which makes that exercise from here in New Zealand VERY worthwhile when you include the current exchange rate.

As an example – say you generated US$ 500.00 in extra cash online in the last month – well at current rates (03-08-08) – when you converted that to NZ dollars you would have made NZ$ 685.00. Where would you get a quick instant bonus of NZ$ 185.00 in your average NZ$ 15.00/hr J.O.B. (translated as “job” – you know? That horrible thing you have to do for 40-50 hours a week that we all just love – right?) .

So when you look at supplementing your income online in US dollars – in theory it looks really easy and really attractive. Imagine the dream of just sitting at home, no commuting burning up gas money at $ 2.00+ per litre, no “office politics” to have to endure, no arrogant “20-something” who knows everything there is to know about life “managing” your dept and making your life a constant misery and no lousy 4% job pay rises when management in the same company are getting 20%+ and bonuses.

Wouldn’t it be a miracle to escape this “nightmare”? Of course it would – so what happens? One day your surfing the web and some how you come across what looks like a really great business opportunity to make money online from the comfort of your home. It all looks so convincing with all kinds of promises of “big money” in just “2 hours a day”. It almost sounds too good to be true! Where have we heard that before – maybe TV’s “Fairgo”?

Anyway….so you go for the “offer”, you sign up – it all looks free at first, and before long your being asked to “invest” in your first “kit” of company products. You then find out that all you have to do from the “comfort” of your computer is offer the “opportunity” to just a few people a day and before long (provided they all buy THEIR “kit” of products too) the dollars will start rolling in. The problem is that everyone else is doing the same thing – all frantically advertising their OWN FREE WEBSITE (provided by the company) in the SAME newspapers and online classified sites that everyone else is. Have you ever noticed the “Business Opportunity” listing in your local newspaper – they all have different website addresses but when you view each one you usually discover that they all look the same – touting the same “opportunity” – the only thing different about them is the contact details – lots of poor misguided souls – all believing they’re going to get rich doing what everyone else is doing.

Yes – I know I must sound cynical – but that is my intention – as most of these “biz ops”, as they are affectionately called in the US, are designed for one real reason… get you to buy the “kit” as soon as possible (because that is where these companies make their main money). That payment you make to them for the “kit of products” is really nothing more than a “joining fee”. Yes – you might get some online/offline training – but they know human nature being what it is – that 95% of people will do nothing with the offer and eventually drop out. The reality of these “Biz Ops” is that the odds of success are heavily stacked against you.

So – the next big question is: Are there any really GENUINE ways to make money online – especially from New Zealand? I can tell you that the answer is definitely a YES! But it comes with conditions which i will explain as we go along.

Let me tell you this – I have been “chipping away” at making good extra money online for well over 6 years now. I too fell for a lot of the online scams in my early days of trying to get an internet marketing business off the ground ….. it was….and still is a very easy thing to do. Many products and offers look incredibly convincing on the surface but take you no where in the end. Occasionally you come across some good products – and that is my aim here – to bring the most ethical and genuine opportunities that i know of to you via my newsletter mailouts. Which reminds me – if you want to join my mailing list go up to the top left hand side of this page now and enter your email address for future mailouts. You can unsubscribe at any time and your email address will be kept strictly private – you have my word on that.

Internet marketing is an exciting and dynamic industry to get into online – there’s room for everybody – it’s a huge industry – and DONE CORRECTLY – can make you very good money in a relatively short space of time. It will require a lot of work from you initially with a relatively steep learning curve. I want to make the point here and now – that if you are urgently needing to make extra cash fast (and alot of it) – then this site is not for you – BUT if you can be patient and put in at least 2-3 hours a day 5 days a week – then in 3-6 months you could easily be earning a few thousand US dollars a month additional income….which is on going residual income – once you do the work – you keep getting paid for that work month after month from the sales that you make online from your own REAL websites and blogs – not the fake ones offered by those plans i mentioned earlier.

Whatever you do – KEEP THE DAY JOB for now. You can wind it down slowly over time as your online marketing starts to take off and you see your strengths and weaknesses in this industry – and of course – whether or not you actually enjoy this industry as it’s not for everybody. There are disappointments along the way too. But there is also real excitement too as you see the fruits of your labours begin to pay off. It’s a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning to check your overnight sales statistics and see money sitting in your accounts that you didn’t have to go out the door to make. I still get a buzz even now – and still love to get email reminders from merchants with “You just made another sale” in the subject line – YES!

So – stick around – join my email list above for site updates and further insights – and immerse yourself in the wonderful and exciting world of internet marketing – done the RIGHT WAY – the REAL WAY!

If you think this site could be of interest to any of your friends and family please let them know – i’m keen to get a little community of like minded thinkers going here.

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