Work From Home Mega Guide – 2016

Welcome to the – Work From Home Mega Guide. This all-in-one guide to working from home is continually updated and expanded for Australians.

There are many ‘paid guides’ on the market, but we are committed to providing the best guide online for Australians and keeping it free…for life.

We split this guide into two parts. Ideas & opportunities versus on-line jobs you could work from home. As the body of information around home business opportunities is so much larger, the majority of this guide is designed for those more interested in having a home based business. If you wish to skip to info about working a job, please skip to that section about two-thirds down this page.

While it’s becoming more popular, , working from home can seem more complex than ever before as there are so many options out there, and they are definitely not all created equal. The key is to play to your strengths, pursuing the ideas and opportunities that you will actually enjoy doing long term.

There’s no point looking for data-entry jobs if you are a creative powerhouse that could better pursue an opportunity of your own creation. Just like if you are an excel genius, play to that rather than setting up an arts and crafts store. Fortunately, there has never been a better time to start your own business or idea working from home.

Firstly let’s break it up into ideas and opportunities, versus online jobs:

Ideas and Opportunities

There are literally hundreds of possibilities. These are only made easier by the day and age we live in. Typically all that is required is your own website to get started, and from there the sky is the limit. The key to massive success is persistence, and being able to give yourself continual feedback while making incremental adjustments along the way. So with no further adieu, let’s look at the most popular ways to work for yourself from home:

Affiliate Marketing


Startup Costs: Low

Income Potential: High

Learning Curve: Medium

Making money as an affiliate online is actually a fairly simple formula.affiliate-marketing-infographic

You are being paid commissions on products that you help sell for another company online. Becoming an affiliate generally means joining an affiliate network. The top ones in Australia are:


Commission Monster:

Commission Junction:

Clickbank: (digital infoproducts)

To become an affiliate however you will need a medium to drive traffic. This is generally your own website. A lot of poeple get frightened at the idea of having to build a website but it is easier than ever. New website builders have made it extremely simple for the average person to to have a website up and running in a couple of minutes. In order of easiest to use to most powerful here are our recommendations:

Wix: – very basic drag and drop site builder, but also the most limited.

Weebly: – get a free wordpress site (they also have a paid premium version)

LeadSitePro: – based on a customised version of wordpress, with marketing tools like newsletters, split testing, landing pages, and link managers.


Network Marketing

Startup Costs: Low – Medium

Income Potential: High

Learning Curve: Medium

mlm-traditional.fwA type of direct selling, but also with strong correlations to affiliate marketing in the internet age. In network marketing or mlm (multi-level marketing) you earn based on commissions of products you help the company sell directly to the consumer. On many network marketing companies though, you also earn on your team members sales of products, so there is the opportunity to earn a small percentage of the efforts of many others, as opposed ot just your own efforts.

The upside of this is you can create a ‘walk-away’ passive income source, which will continue to earn you a good income once you have it fairly well established. Normally this means a good amount of effort being placed into the business for 2-3 years. Many people however do not stick out with their businesses for this length of time, so this has in the past along with less than legitimate companies hurt the reputation of this industry. These days though, it’s one of the best ways to get started in a business for low investment, and provides great training in sales and marketing while giving you an instant support circle from your business associates running their businesses alongside you.

Just be careful of opportunities which require very large up front investments, this is often referred to as front-loading.

Compared to starting a traditional business form home, some of the great advantages are that many of the operational things are taken care of. Marketing materials, delivery, customers support…these are the things which if done poorly can take a normal business down. Because these are provided by the company, you can focus on building your businesses, and not the day to day running of it.


eBay Business

Startup Costs: Low – Medium (Iniital stock, samples)

Income Potential: High

Learning Curve: Low

So hot right now! Starting ebay has never been more popular. The model is also very simple for people to understand. Source products at wholesale, sell retail, provide amazing customer service.

As eBay is a competitive marketplace, the goal here is to provide amazing customer service and a decent price. Make sure you are replying to customers quickly, and shipping product as quickly as possible. It’s very important to build a maintain a great seller reputation. At the start this might selling products below the typical profits and margins you would like, but you want to get as many sales as quickly as possible and build up your seller score. Once you have a great reputation in the marketplace you can start adding a bit more margin to your products.

The first key is to find the products. Just like we have eBay as a consumer marketplace, there are wholesale marketplaces where you can find products and suppliers. The most popular of these being Alibaba.

Alibaba is a wholesale B2B (business-to-business) marketplace, where importers can find a large variety of products that can be purchased well below retail. Make sure when testing any suppliers that you get a sample of the products before you commit to any bulk purchase, otherwise you will be in the dark about the true quality of the goods. Most suppliers or manufacturers will be agreeable to this. If they aren’t, then the chances are that they have something to hide.

An example of the types of thing you can find and sell online at Alibaba and other B2B marketplaces include:

  • smartphone covers
  • grooming kits
  • remote control toys
  • wholesale clothes
  • bicycles

Understanding the basics for creating an eBay business are well know, and the following books are a cheap way to upskill yourself and get a head-start when creating an eBay business:

We also have a guide here for setting up your eBay shop, which is one of th emore popular ways to get started as a seller these days.


eCommerce Business

Startup Costs: Low – Medium

Income Potential: High

Learning Curve: Medium – High

aus-ecom-growthReally one of the fastest growing opportunities online. Australia is leading the world with the rate of new online stores opening, with a 200% increase from 2010 to 2012. Australians are more comfortable than ever shopping online, and it’s still growing. Typically shoppers use the internet to do their product research, and as more reputable companies come online, it is a small step to actually make the purchase online as well. We just need to look at the meteoric rise of pure online retailers in Australia to see how much the industry has grown.

Starting a store working from your own home has also never been easier. Even if you don’t want to handle physical products and stock you can setup an online shop these days. It’s called dropshipping, and it allows you to focus on your site and marketing without having to handle shipping and logistics. Essentially you are selling products through your store, but they are being fulfilled by a 3rd party, and you are receiving your margin/cut without ever having to see the product.

Some tips here are to find find decent and reputable suppliers, and ship products that you know about or are interested in. That will make dealing with customer enquiries a lot easier.

The next step is to setup your store. Luckily there are fantastic services for the novice ecommerce entrepreneur to get started. Setting up a store used to mean configuring a cart on your server, hiring a developer, uploading products, etc etc. Now you can sign up to a cloud-hosted store platform and begin loading your products in, within 15 minutes.

The following are very popular services for Australian’s setting up an ecommerce store:





Info Products

Startup Costs: Low

Income Potential: Medium – High

Learning Curve: Medium

info-exampleThe chances are that you are an expert on something. We live in the information age, and the chances are people want to know a bit of what you know. Information products cover a very wide range of topics. Here is an example of some of the topics you can find commercial info products for:

  • how to make money online
  • training your bird to talk
  • attracting a partner
  • how to find bargains online
  • landing the job of your dreams
  • how to meditate
  • etc etc etc

Really there is no limit to what people want to learn online. What you are reading now is basically the core of what could be an information product if we wished to sell it. Essentially you are reading a useful guide about how to start your own income stream working from home. A very popular topic.

Once you know what your info product is on you just need to figure out your business model. Will you be selling an ebook, video series, or even a subscription site?

In terms of effort an Ebook is the easiest, while a subscription site allows you to make ongoing earnings from your subscriber base (as long as you have fresh information to offer up each month).

Create Software

Startup Costs: Low – Medium

Income Potential: Medium – High

Learning Curve: Medium – High

Hang on a sec, “I don’t know how to write software!”.  It doesn’t really matter these days. All you need is an idea, you don’t necessarily need to be able to code. We have programmers for that, and it is more affordable than ever now we are all connected via the world wide web. Some ways to make money with software are:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Applications
  • Desktop Apps
  • Plugins

Outsourcing a programmer can start at around $8/hr, however if you are looking at native English speakers the price would quickly rise to around $25-40 an hour, and more for  senior level local experts. The trick is to start small with your first project until you gain some experience managing these types of activities. Rather than learning to code, your first step should be how to effectively manage a short term project. When building software, think of something you would like to have for yourself, and then ask your peers if that is something they would be interested in and use. This type of market research is free, and will quickly help you to determine if you are onto something. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you might just want to do something existing software can do, but in a fresh and intuitive new way.

Some great software examples that can build profitable businesses:

  • Online marketing tools
  • Mobile apps (calendars, workout trackers, ebook readers)
  • Price comparators


Jobs (trading time for money)


Startup Costs: Low

Income Potential: Medium

Learning Curve: Low

This has formed a big part of the work from home revolution. Pretty much any office job can be done from home these days with a high speed internet connection and phone line. If you ahve previously worked in a corporate environment, there’s a good chance you could continue to do similar work from home as a home based freelancer. Some jobs that are in high demand if you are looking to become a freelancer:

  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer
  • Programmer
  • Project manager
  • Writer (blogs, technical, articles)
  • Digital marketer (strategist, search engine optimizer, social media manager)
  • Accounting/bookkeeping
  • Tutoring
  • Virtual assistant

If you didn’t have technical skills, you can definitely still get started freelancing as a writer. Website content is more in demand now than ever. If you have a decent viewpoint on  a topic, the chances are you could get started as a writer. Most websites will pay $20 for a 500 word article written by a native speaker. If you could complete 1-2 articles per hour, which is achievable, you could have a nice income stream. In fact, would love to hear from you if you were interested in writing content for this site. Just get in touch on our contact page.

Once you are aware of what category you fall into, it’s time to find those jobs. Top places for Australians to find freelancing projects include:

  • Odesk –
  • Freelancer –
  • Elance –
  • Gumtree –


Startup Costs: Low

Income Potential: Low

Learning Curve: Low – Medium

Data entry professionals are typically paid depending on their KSPH (keystrokes per hour), so how fast you can type. Most jobs require their staff to be able to type 10,000 KSPH, or about atleast 33 words per minute. Like most jobs though, finding those that actually let you work fro home s the difficulty. A quick search on Seek shows that most of these jobs still require you to be at an office premises.

As many people look for these jobs online, watch out for ‘clubs’ or membership sites that require you to pay in order to find these jobs. The chances are you are just being taken for a ride and going to lose your $20-30 you are paying to join these. Some of these sites also ‘front’ as data-entry job providers, but really you are being paid to post ads for these companies across the internet.



Startup Costs: Low

Income Potential: Low

Learning Curve: Low

Another way to earn from home on the side, but don’t expect to replace a full-time income any-time soon.  Register with as many survey companies as possible using a fresh email address to run your new survey submitting empire from. Definitely don’t use your main email address, as you can expect to start getting a lot of survey offers and email. Some of the top sites to join for Australian surveys include:


Just watch out for fake survey sites whose sole purpose is to have you filling out data, submitting it as leads to businesses. You are not really being surveyed in this instance, but your information is being sold, and a percentage of that sale amount is being paid back to you as a commission of sorts.

Please ask any question or seek clarification in the comments. This will continually be expanded, so anything else you want to see please ask! Best wishes finding your dream work form home opportunity.