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Why Technology Has Made it Even Easier to Work From Home

Why Technology Has Made it Even Easier to Work From Home

The last few years have been an exciting time for workers around the world, as we’ve seen a sea change in the very foundations of employment. For our parents’ generation the world of work was very simple: they’d wake with the alarm clock, shower, grab a quick breakfast and join the gruelling morning commute to their offices, factories and stores. The schedule was always the same, Monday through Friday, with a blessed pause in the daily grind for a too-brief weekend.

Today, though… well, today it’s a little different. Millions of people now make a living from home all around the world. They wake when they’re ready. They sip a coffee while sitting in on a conference call on the other side of the ocean, and toast a bagel while browsing emails from clients and customers from Melbourne to Mumbai. They work only as much as they need to make a living, and on a whim the weekend can be moved to Tuesday afternoon.

Of course it’s not quite as simple as that in reality. Working from home is tough, and it requires endless motivation to get up and get the job done without a boss peering over our shoulders. In the last few years, though, we’ve seen the development of lots of technology that makes working from home easier; wonderful, futuristic gadgets that help us manage our work, structure our days and drive us on to ever greater levels of success.


Until recently, home workers who needed access to the Internet were shackled to their desktops or bulky laptops. It was only when the iPad arrived in 2010 that online work became truly mobile, allowing us to comfortably connect to the world from every room of the house (including, ahem, the smallest room), and to take our work on the road.

The effect of the iPad and competing tablets on home workers shouldn’t be underestimated. What started as a novelty has been warmly embraced, and today home workers use tablets for everything from creating spreadsheets and invoices to connecting with customers, seeking out new clients and, of course, watching the occasional movie during a break.


Before Skype (and competitors such as Line and WhatsApp) came along, communicating with clients while working from home came in two flavours: we either called them on the phone or shot off an email. The first could prove costly, especially if our clients were based overseas, while the second wasted valuable time as we waited hours or days for a reply.

Services such as Skype have done nothing less than revolutionise the way home workers communicate. Calls that used to cost dollars now cost pennies, and we can now share ideas and find new custom at the touch of a button, contacting anyone on the planet without keeping an eye on the phone bill.

Well… Everything

Skype may be the single best example of an app that makes working from home easier, but it’s far from the only one. As technology advances at a blistering pace we’re finding new ways to become more productive and organised each and every day. Improved anti-virus software and firewalls make our data (and the data of our clients) more secure each day. Apps and online resources such as Google docs and Apple’s Numbers app help us plan our finances. Hardware advancements offer more powerful computers and faster Internet, providing us with resources that simply didn’t exist just a few years ago.

Every day it becomes a little easier to work from home. The benefits of the office fade and the drawbacks of home-based work diminish as we’re handed an ever larger toolbox, from fancy touchscreen gadgets to exceptional apps and online services.

As you can see there has never been a better time to start working from home. More than at any time in our history we all have the tools to succeed on our own. All it takes is hard work, tenacity and ambition, and while there isn’t an app for that you’ll (hopefully) find it within yourself.

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