Top 10 Struggles of People Who Work from Home


For people who work from home, messy hair and sweatpants could be the overarching stereotypes. While we might laugh or perhaps shake our heads at these things, we should admit it that they are often true and do happen to people who work from home.


Folks who work from home encounter both serious and not so serious problems that a person having a traditional 9-5 job and goes to the office every day doesn’t experience. So if you are one among them, then you can probably relate to these 10 struggles.


Please note that these struggles are not written to downplay the remote working industry, but only to bring the workers all together with a bit sense of humor.


  1. People around you think you’re jobless.

Well, this is actually very common. Ha-ha! What are you expecting them to think if they only see you around your house each day wearing an outfit that seems to be intended for relaxing purposes? For those who are unaware about working online or from home, there is no way that they will think you’re master-minding a business online which can allow you to balance your time between family and work, earning profits at the same time.


  1. Ignoring knocks at the door.

You completely know that when you are in your productivity rhythm, you just can’t allow anything or anyone else to disrupt or stop it. And that includes the constant and fast beating knocks at your door. Perhaps it’s only the lady from your neighborhood that used to bring you some cookies or jam because she thinks you are an agoraphobic person. LOL! If that’s the case, then you don’t actually need to leave the couch.


  1. You are home but household chores are constantly piling up.

Can this be possible? Well, this is actually a mysterious happening! In reality, it is really hard to finish all the housework when you’ve been working all throughout the day. Well, some people says it’s unbelievable. You can then hear them saying, “You are home all the time! You should have finished all your laundry or do lots of renovations.” But the truth is, when you are working from home, home is what you’ll overlook first followed by your social life.


  1. You always find yourself working very late at night (when everyone is already asleep) or very early in the morning (when everyone is still sleeping).

Have you heard of “normal working hours” or “business hours”? You may find yourself awake very early when it is still very quite around the house, you hop on to your computer and see that there is a lot of work to be done. And after 3 hours, you will realize that you need to get more sleep so that you can start back early and bright.


  1. You are in a rush and really serious about setting your productivity status all through the day.

If only your parents, or your co-employees or even your boss could see you now that you are working really hard in an effort to become extremely productive.


  1. You always rely on coffee.

This is a fact. People who work from home know that at home it’s quiet and so you are in charge of yourself to find some motivation and coffee is actually enough for some folks. But the problem is, this kind of motivation only last for a maximum of 2 hours and that means that you will refuel constantly to last the day. Well, just stay close to your coffee maker.


  1. You grow a meaningful and very strong bond with your pets.

Is it only you or others also see that your pets are just amazing? If they don’t, then maybe you can go and proceed on making an Instagram account for your pet/s and make posts as though you are your favourite furry friend! Are there times that you find your pet acting like you when he/she are dealing with some complex emotions? If your answer is yes then, welcome to working at home!


  1. Your friends can’t find you.

They know that you are staying at the same place, but just kinda out of reach since you are busy working at home. Basically, when you get used to not going to the office all day, the desire to go out for a happy hour may dampen. Seriously, working from home can really be very lonely, so never ever forget your friends just because you are busy.


  1. Your sense of time is out of shape.

Do you still remember the day when you are always thinking of Fridays? Those days are gone. It is actually a good sign because it does mean that you don’t hate your job because you are not in a hurry for the weekend. For people who work from home, weekends are just a bit of surprise since a lot are still working during weekends, so there’s actually no reason to make a big deal out of it.


  1. You eat your meals at no exact time.

You’ve already consumed three cups of coffee, does that mean it is still breakfast time or already lunch time? Or you just skip both meals and wait for dinner.


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