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Time Management Tips When Working From Home

The rapid development of technology in the last decade has meant quite a lot to people that are looking to work from home. With the availability of the  of reliable high-speed internet plus the arrival of smart-phones, a great number of now have the opportunity to work from a home office. If you are currently, or thinking about working from home you should however be aware of some of the main pitfalls. A main consideration is your time management and taking measures to be productive while you’re your own boss. In this article I am going to outline some simple things you can put in place, to make sure you are making the most of your days.

The first decision you should make is where you are going to work in your own home, making sure you have a good environment to be productive and get things done. Of course, this may be affected by the size of your home, but the best scenario is to have a place where other family members will not be able to easily disturb you. If you have little ones living at home, you should inform them that you can’t be disrupted when you work or you will lose your concentration and not be able to get anything done. If your spending budget allows, you could construct an office onto your garage or patio. It is important to have a separate spot to work not only to be sure you get things accomplished but so you can easily put work out of your mind when you spend time in the company of your family.

If your workday begins at home, you need to be certain that you have the self-discipline to determine your work goals as well as the time you need to get started every day. If you’re able to get going early in the morning, this will get you into the habit of completing your work early in the day and enable you to have a productive remainder of the day, whether you continue to work or have the luxury to move onto other things. A major problem I find when you work from your home is having the discipline to finish the most important tasks first. Keeping in touch with others will most likely be done with email or phone. A common mistake most people make is to check e-mail continually throughout the day instead of establishing scheduled times to check your messages. This is also true for phone calls, you must learn to use voice mail instead of picking up every call when you’re trying to stay focused on a particular task. Let your voicemail filter out which calls are more important than others. If it is very important, someone will leave a message.

Now we are free of distractions it’s time to tackle the P word… procrastination. You should work on overcoming this as soon as possible it is easy to put things off when you are not accountable to anyone else but yourself. It is essential to know which projects have to be done first and not get used to doing the easier things instead. If you realize you are coming back to the same task over and over again it might be because you are just putting it off. Instead of having to keep something on your mind indefinitely, it’s better to simply get the awful task out of the way. Write down your tasks, prioritize and give each task an estimated time to completion. Give yourself half hour blocks to knuckle down and take some chunks out of those larger tasks.

There are some great rewards to working from your home, but you must learn to manage your time to ensure you stay productive.

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