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The response that hears foolish powders amiability

The response that hears foolish powders amiability, Lin Dai not from smiled out, “that you still wait what!Still don’t wipe to do tears, quickly go home to like a rest!”

“BE!””Good!”Foolish powders his highness in front in oneself prada shoes saleresponds to is like all flock of similar sincerity to obedient kindergarten kid forever, this is also the reason that they can move old Zu.Foolish powders start withdrawing in succession and wait foolish powders to all finish withdrawing, Lin Dai is from the corner in lift to slip away two eyes have already become Erek of frog eye, take Wang Rui to raise head to pretty go under the eying of medium and moxa Lun gape of get on the car to leave no track but go to, as for medium absolute being horse of, is that to still have moxa Lun!

“……”This is the moxa Lun the heart soliloquy at the moment,Mens Prada Canvas how the bitterness forces of six points.The ring of encirclement been recorded by the Yu after Lin Dai walks the fast- drowning moxa Lun hope top of head to belong to his/her own small sky, the heart is nerveless to have muscular spasms.

Wait Yu to record finally not the feeling don’t wish of be pleased by the public security after leaving, moxa Lun already two eyes turn over white and connect to talk of energy all have no, the moxa Lun feels,Mens Prada Casual oneself now specially be recorded by the Yu cluster Piao of the little prostitute, but the Yu record is those Piaos to finish still don’t still hit for money the hooligan of mouth.However, what to have to admire BE, the mouth of moxa Lun really enough enter, is recorded by the Yu clenched to ask a big turn Leng is what useful informations all directly give, the light depends a tongues to all round dizzy quite a few fresh delicate novice Yu record, as for those of sharp problem, the moxa Lun is simply be ear side breeze, let it to blow past, play trick, if this tells true state of matter in detail you, that he stills stir-fry farts!

And Lin Dai appear to advise foolish powders to go home this matter after the reinforcements regiment website uploaded to open, Lin Dai wants temporary a business of leaving the show biz also at last get confirmation, because according to the feedback of the spot foolish powders, moxa Lun already open mouth certain this matter, back yard foolish powders of the website after knowing this news, several near collapse, until the spot the cellophane noodles bring very foolish words back yard the Prada Men Canvas Shoes Grid Blackcellophane noodles of the regiment, on this kind of reinforcements regiment web page all over the place of wail, tears and breakup just all mollify, calm down of foolish powder this just thinks of, they still don’t know them lovely of does the his highness want the reason for leaving!This how can, even if want to leave, must also have a reason!Foolish powders in sticking son on communicating, decide to start the head in cent picks, but this time, the moxa Lun made people throw on a horse to clip to redistribute the tiny Bo concerning Lin Dai’s life experience to in the website of reinforcements regiment.

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