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The ghost copies to raise funds now and arrive

The ghost copies to raise funds now and arrive is take out one is 231,000,000 cashes.However these money, the ancient manners wants to stay to till the last press a list field.If everything’s going on Prada America’s Cup Men Sneakers All Chocolatewell, pass this game, the ancient manners can get the first a huge sum of wealth.Although leave the request of Carl’s prince still very far,after all can use this fee for writing gold, start to build up’thou surname dynasty’of embryo.

Save inside in city Manhattan bar, depressed a day of Liu Bin, positive with his elder brother ties generation the industry Chen drink stuffy wine together.

The generation industry Chen is the owner of this bar, also a person that mixs a mafia.He with Xu the ocean etc. person to is different and purely lean against Liu Bin this.

“Elder brother Bin, today how?Good elephant at 1:00 all not happy.”A beautiful woman sat at Liu Bin nearby, the Dia voice asks a way.This woman is the stage of the bar manager the week Juan is also Mens Prada SlipperLiu Bin’s numerous as in the women.

“Mama of, met with today a bastard, lane of I a day all agreeable however spirit come.”Liu Bin is still just the ancient big officer person’s affair to get angry.

“Elder brother, how, does someone ask for you?Turn head me to make Ma San put even he.”Generation industry Chen a listen to someone ask for’elder brother Bin’angry, right away very saying of battle righteousness.

Liu Bin shook to shake a hand, “that guy isn’t a person, for her mama’s a mental derangement, is still an abnormal condition.Calculate, don’t lift that bastard, a say he, I come right away spirit.”

The week Juan goes toward Liu Bin nearby on depending, Mens Prada Shoesthe small voice says:”Elder brother Bin don’t live here tonight, I loosen a bone for you and kick back and enjoy.”

Generation once the industry Chen Hey Hey smile and stood, “elder brother, you slowly chat, I go out to receive a guest, does Ma Wei Dong also take a to help a person to drink here.”The generation industry Chen didn’t want to bother the somebody else’s two human life fields and hurriedly sought to lend.

“Ma Wei Dong?”Liu Bin Yi stares blankly, ” doesn’t say me here, the boy of province comes over to toast.”

Ma Wei Dong is provincial governor horse’s son, he is prada shoes saledifferent from Liu Bin, a sons of Wan Mao of typical model.Although it is said is all that the officer is two, but Liu Xiao Guang’s family training is very scathing, Liu Bin orders all of bad matters is secretively carry on.

Ma Wei Dong but is to make open very, he is more 2 years old than Liu Bin Xiao, but a don’t get into officialdom two don’t do what important event industry.Just opened showbiz creation center with a group of bunch of rascals, beat to shoot a movie advertised signal, don’t know to frivol how much girl.

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