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Whats the best work at home Job?

Question by Amanda: Whats the best work at home Job?

Im looking for a job that I could do at home and get paid for it. I was thinking about doing something where I have to use the internet. Im not a computer whizz so I want a job that isn’t to hard. I want something where I can earn a descent pay cheque. So if anyone can point me in the right Direction that would be great. Also Im from Australia….if that helps?

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Answer by I’m a man

Don’t trust the majority of spammers on Yahoo Answers. I take surveys every single day and I am a credible source (check how long I’ve been on Yahoo answers for). Opinionoutpost pays about $ 8.00 an hour which isn’t bad considering you get to listen to music when you are taking surveys. They send you about 3 surveys a day (10-20 minutes each). This is the highest paid survey site I am currently on. Feel free to email me with any questions about this site. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone 18 or older.

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  1. eshopnetwork

    April 4, 2011 | 1:06 am

    It’s such a loaded question. One day I ask this question some body and also I got lots of feedbacks But now I am telling you the truth. The best work at home job is Online Home business. After research a certain period I found one business which is genuine home based online business with combines e-Commerce & Network Marketing, which is dubli network business. In this business you can’t find your income limits. You can also shopping from here at the lowest price which you can’t imagine. And you also stay in Australia, so dubli is now spread in Australia too.

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  2. Jakester

    April 4, 2011 | 1:35 am

    Yea, the number of work at home scams have gone through the roof as unemployment increased.

    Most ‘Work at Home’ job offers are scams, you have a better chance of making money doing freelance work. There are hiring sites for people with technical skills, as well as writers and graphic designers. Some big ones include: elance.com, odesk.com, allfreelance.com, getafreelancer.com and project4hire.com

    Search the web for affiliate marketing, freelance professional, blogging income. Spend some time on the forums discussing these activities to learn about some of the online business possibilities, most involve months of development time, some end up with web site properties that produce residual income with a minimum of maintenance effort.

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