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“It entertainment,” he said. “There a big difference between actuality and entertainment. Anyone who is the entertainer think that. They can perform a little things nevertheless or say specific things they can do, but additionally they definitely put some icing with the cake.”

After your interview, Boaz and DJ Shef enter in the recording area and play two songs that’ll be about the upcoming release. They could be seen as something Talib Kweli would douse, music from item something imperative for say.

By Cody McDevitt

There are specific songs across the mixtape that glorify the violence inside your “thug” lifestyle. Yet he has been the first one to express it not really life he wants . he just wants to amuse his listeners.

Boaz doesn think rap will cast aside the mental chains he signifies, though.

His concern for those black community shines through around the eighth track, “Fight for Freedom.”

If rapper Boaz Bey gives the look that they has seen worse days and survived tougher tribulations than most, it because has. The 22yearold rapper was 6 when his father died, and she was 7 while the gang violence began in Larimer. Labs studio in Millvale. “It would have been a heavy influence to find out about the elderly drinking and smoking and doing what you thought one of several to complete to conquer. We spent my childhood years in any peerpressure time.

“A loads of hiphop artists haven’t been heroines right now,” he admits that. “People would like to be for example the rapper, they as well not doing things they supposed to be doing.”

Explaining what inspired the song, he said, “As a people, we still not free. We still in chattel slavery. Individuals need to free themselves we still slaves . mentally. So numerous would certainly die mainly because of the violence, a considerable amount of mothers should cry . it going to a long walk before we free as the people.”

Boaz does have a hot mixtape on your streets with

He not just a example either, just an artist, and that is certainly more vital anyway. Definitely soon start putting down tracks for another person record.

He became available a few years ago when “It Alright,” music brought to life by Black Czer dominated WAMO Battle of an Beats music contest for 2 months straight. In addition, tom appeared on mixtapes with the popular crew, the Govament, who went through a guest i’m all over this Chicago Hot 97, and released a solo disc, “Intent to get.”

“When you from the notsoproductive environment, it starts to avoid known as struggle anymore. It is a means of life. All the items I seen bobbing up in the neighborhood was what it has to debate.

Boaz appreciation for orchestrated sounds shows on lots of the pianodriven tracks of “The Phenomenal Boaz,” a latest mixtape which is producing a stir on the local scene. It gets his name obtainable again before another solo release this winter.

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