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Some Ways To Work From Home In Australia

Some Ways To Work From Home In Australia

The first port of call when even considering working from home is…how am I actually going to earn a livable income while working from home? When it comes to working from home you may have heard of a couple of these terms: data-entry/typing, envelope stuffing,  mlm/network marketing, internet/affiliate marketing, or starting a small online shop/eBay/dropshipping. There is always the possibility you could work a traditional job and work from your home office. Some jobs which are more suitable with this type of setup include telemarketing, data-entry, book-keeping/accounting. If you are currently without work, it would obviously be hard to try and get a company to give you the freedom to work from home as a new employee in one of these roles (although some may hire on a contract basis home workers as it is cheaper for them). If you are already working for an employer out-of-home, you could try and divert some of your time into working from home. If you were able to demonstrate to your employer that this arrangement works, they would then be more likely to give you the freedom to spend more of your work hours at home. Let’s revisit some of the ideas we have touched on above, and take a look at the positives and negatives of a few of them…

Data Entry: The pros are it’ a simple enough job, allowing you to make a predictable amount of money, without a lot of the high pressures found in typical office jobs.  If you have the type of personality that wouldn’t go crazy looking at tables and rows on a computer screen, it could be suitable for you. The down side is that typically these types of roles are hard to find in Australia. It also might not suit everyone, staring at a computer screen for long hours and copying/pasting text. If you see yourself as a creative type it may be best to stay away from jobs like these.

As for the typing and envelope stuffing? Typing is basically going to be thrown into the same heap as data entry, and its very unlikely you will see any legitimate typing jobs posted in Australia. Envelope stuffing, I still have not heard of anyone in Australia actually making any money from this. If you could team up with a direct mail business then it could be conceivable. If you want to stuff envelopes and actually make any money, then it would make more sense to start your own direct mail business from home. Despite the internet coming of age as a marketing and business platform, direct mail is returning as an untapped opportunity, as the internet has now become the playground of the get-rich-quick crew.

Telemarketing: If you have the right personality, then telemarketing may be a great opportunity from home. Working on the phone in this capacity is typically split into an inbound or outbound role. Outbound meaning you would generally be making cold sales type calls, and conversely receiving enquiries or support type calls inbound. If you have the type of personality that can make cold sales approaches though, I think there are better opportunities to work from home.

Running Your Own Business: Ok it might seem like I favour this option, and I guess I do. If you are wondering ‘how can I work from home?’ in 2012, running your own business online is definitely viable. You could step into a network marketing business that has a strong online component, or start your very own business. Here is a simple list of ideas I have seen work personally:

Sell web design/web services (basically there are outsourcers that work at a professional level for $10 an hour overseas, you just arbitrage on this selling services in your local area for $20-30 an hour, providing a local point of contact and project management). You don;t really need to know much about webdesign at all.

Affiliate marketing. Create a blog (you can grab one for free at, or blogster/ etc) and write about a topic you love including reviews and links to products online. It will be a slow start, but once you get that first sale it can become a bit addictive.

Start an online store: Super easy these days. Use the strong Aussie dollar to start a small import and online sales business, and sel them at bargain prices in the Australian sector online. What type of products interest you?

There are many more ideas, but have a think about any of these that might interest you. If you have any questions please ask below. If you would like us to delve deeper into any of these ideas, please let us know and we can dedicate a whole post to those particular ideas. Wondering ‘how I can work from home’ is a question that has a lot of answer, let us help you find the best one.


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