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3 Tips For Tidying Up Your Work At Home Office

A tidy work at home office breeds success.  The movers and shakers of the world rarely maintain a sty. Orderliness creates effectiveness.  An orderly, neat office breeds a peaceful state of mind.   Calm minds create power.

A cluttered office creates a cluttered mind.  Cluttered minds are in a continual state of mental hurry.   Many claim to enjoy keeping a sloppy office.  They say that they work better in such an environment.  I beg to differ.  Few successful, powerful people work in a crappy looking office.  They know that order is heaven’s first law and it all starts with your environment.

Follow these 3 steps to for straightening up your home based office.

Keep It Clean

Why is last week’s lunch on your office desk?

Nobody wants to see – let alone smell – liver wurst with muenster cheese.  Disgusting.

Anything which is unpleasant to the senses creates chaos in the mind.  Sure, people tell you they luv things being sloppy.  They enjoy working in a pig pen.

Yeah.  Right.

You weren’t blessed with higher faculties so that you might live like an animal.  Heck, even animals keep orderly environments.

So what’s your excuse?

Keep It Orderly

Keeping your work at home office orderly means keep it pleasing to the eyes.  Toss out the Rolodex if you can store all important information on your computer.  Papers tend to be strewn all over the place.

It’s been said that order is heaven’s first law.  When things are in the proper order, things tend to work out.  Order is the secret of progress.  Disorder is the root of chaos.  Make your home office fun to digest.  Keep things straight and orderly.

Line everything up.  No stray power cords.  Keep every spaced out but within arm’s reach.  No need to create anxiety when you can be fully prepared to move through your work day without losing something

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is key.

Some joke at my Spartan home office decor, but no disorder in my mind.  A laptop, cell phone and pen.  I keep my pad close by should a creative idea pop up at any time

How much do you need in your home office?  Are you there to work, or to play and watch TV?

I like the accessories, but that’s what my living room is for.  It’s about business, nothing personal.

Stick to those steps.  Your work at home office will be spiffy in no time.

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