Making You First Dollar Online: Day 1 Of 7

Welcome to our 7 day course detailing how to setup a blog/information-site and making your first dollar online. This is Day 1! There are are many courses out there claiming to make big $$$ in a small amount of time working from home, but we are looking more at our foundations here, and how to get established the right way. Step by step over the following 7 part series we are going to show how with almost no setup costs, you can begin a website from the ground up that can provide you with a passive income working from home.

Below is our course format, and each days lesson will actually be released on the subsequent week, allowing time to plan out that particular days tasks with greater depth of thought over a couple of days. This gives us a good amount of time to think about each lessons, executing each step properly and giving ourself the greatest foundation for the next step which lays ahead.

The 7 Day Syllabus is as follows:

Day 1: Researching your niche/market (this post)

Day 2: Getting your Domain & Webhosting

Day 3: Initial site setup

Day 4: Creating and optimising initial content

Day 5: Your ongoing content strategy

Day 6: Monetization Strategy (affiliate programs, adsense, email list)

Day 7: Growth and the way forward

At the end of the 7 days the proof will be in the pudding, will we have made some money online or not? So forward we roll into the first day, where we will be selecting a topic, and doing a spot of research into our chosen market.

Day 1: Researching and Selecting a Niche

So what is the very first thing we need to do now we have decided to setup a website, with the goal of generating some revenue from it. What products and services can we sell (do we even need to ?), and even more importantly, what can we create great ongoing content about ?

When deciding on what market you want to build your online business around, the greatest piece of advice I can give you is to work in a market that you honestly care about, and have passion for. Even if it isn’t the latest and greatest online trending hot topic, you are going to do much better if you can create great useful content about it. There are no shortcuts in that aspect. The quality of your content will always show through, and like they say “Content Is King !” People have tried time and time again to create decent businesses online, but it has always been harder and harder without having good content. Don’t skip over that.

If what you happen to be passionate about is also very popular, then that’s a double win. The truth though is that there is probably a market for whatever you want to write about (hey there are people with businesses based around training your cat!), and starting from that strong base will give you your greatest chance for future success. It will also make running your home business much more fun, as you can talk about things that genuinely interest you.

If there are a couple of things you are potentially interested in, then niche/market research is the next step to determine which you should go after, the size of it’s market, and how competitive it is.

All I have to do is write one blog a day, and I am limitless? OK!

Throughout this 7 day course I am going to setup an online blog and income stream around ‘biohacking’, ‘longevity’, and ‘peak performance’. Did you ever see that movie with Bradley Cooper ‘Limitless’? I loved that movie. While the wonder drug Cooper takes NZT if fictional, there is a great community around exploring cognitive performance, and what is affectionately called ‘bio hacking’ to get the most out of what you were born with.

So throughout this 7 day course my niche, or market is going to be based around these emerging topics of interest, and any related markets that are springing up. To determine the size of the market and potential competition there are some great tools we can use. Both free and paid.

Let’s take a look at some of the free tools, and determine if our market is moving up , or moving down.

Google Trends

We can see the decent growing trends in the areas of nootropics (smart drugs), bio hacking, and the lifehacking community in general.

You can see in this search, that we are dealing with a growing market in terms of interest. Again this is a good sign, but let’s get a more consolidated look.

Several related terms to what our blog will be about show some good growth.

So we can see these topics are trending up. Whether they trend up forever we will never know. I think it is important to state however that the trend isn’t the be all and end-all. In online marketing there are markets and topics we call evergreen, as people are always interested in learning more about these. A list of evergreen markets would be:

  • Making Money
  • Health & Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Personal Finance
  • Love & Dating for example if about lifestyle and making money from home. An example of an evergreen market to be involved in. Our mission at this site is to provide solid information for Australians looking to earn additional income from home. We do this by promoting legitimate products, training our members, and offering some services and a job board.

Back to our new project though. So we have a market which looks to be pretty good, and may continue to experience some future growth. Now what? Well I think it is important to identify an audience, as these are the people we will be trying to reach.

Identifying Target Audience

So we are going to setup a blog about ‘biohacking’, longevity, lifehacking etc. Yours may be about cooking, personal accounting, fashion, or anything else where there is a surrounding market. There are really no limits here. Now having our market in mind, we need to see the types of sites where our audience will hang out, and what are some core pieces of information about them.

We can go straight to Google for this, doing some keyword searches.

‘biohacking’ , ‘longevity’ , ‘anti-aging’ , and ‘nootropics’ throw up a variety of websites, some Australian and some based overseas. By looking at these sites we can see the type of content that is getting traction, as well as the type of audience that we will be speaking to.

It is ideal to know the dominant gender of our audience, age range, what type of professionas they are in, as well as the sites they hang out at online.

In this instance the audience type we can determine a couple of things:

  • Professionals
  • Early technology adopters
  • Social ( a lot of content across social networks)
  • Between 25 – 55
  • Predominantly male

This information will become a lot more important when we start looking at our content strategy on days 4 and 5.

Defining Our Brand

We have determined the market we are entering, it’s potential growth, and now we have observed our target audience. We need to define our brand now, and prepare for day 2, where we will be setting up our site.

So are we looking at an Australian site or an international website? What type of domain do we need?

Crazydomains is decent for Aussie domains ( and has cheap Australian webhosting. If you are going to build a .com site we are in our use case, GoDaddy is typically cheaper with better international hosting.

In this instance I am not looking to build a site with local information, so an international .com would be idea. If we were building a site targeted to Australians, then a will provide benefits as to how well it will rank for Australian search engines, as well as relevance to the Aussie audience. being an Australian based site is well suited to a as it is targeted towards an Australian audience.

We have several options when registering a domain name. For Australian domains I find is pretty good, although their customer support at times can be lacking. For international domains I tend to use GoDaddy.

The domain for the remainder of this project will be revealed in week 2 when we start setting it up – but will be a blog centered around biohacking, longevity, health, and peak performance. What type of topic have you been thinking about for yourself?

When choosing a domain shorter is often better these days. Long keyword rich names used to have an advantage in search engine ranking, but this has been put aside since Googles algorithm updates going back to 2011. So it’s best to think of something short and catchy you could potentially build a brand off.

Playing on the original foundation of the idea, and a bit of wordplay to A Beautiful Mind (which is also another favourite movie!)

So we have had a brief look at our market, done some research into our target audience, and decided on a name for our blog. It’s time to show you how to get the site registered, and setup your blog.

Let us know what market or niche you are interested in starting a blog about. Homework is to pick an area to create your blog in, and find an available name.

Check name availability at either crazydomains for Australian domain names (you will need an ABN to register a , or GoDaddy for international domains.

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