Network Marketing versus Home Based Franchises

It is the desire of many people to start stable businesses, which will earn them money and grant them the kind of lifestyles that they have always wanted. There are many business opportunities, which people can exploit to achieve their income goals. Irrespective of the opportunity that one decides to embark on, not only financial investment is necessary for success, but also a considerable investment and a lot of hard work and dedication too. A majority of the people normally think that after investing financially in their business, then the business is guaranteed to blossom and this is where a majority of people get it wrong. It takes more than just money to grow a successful business. 

The current financial crisis led to a lot of companies downsizing of the number of the number of their employees and this made a number of people to seek opportunities in places where they would operate like their own bosses. A number of people opted for network marketing businesses while bunch decided to try out home based franchises. Whereas these businesses may seem to offer almost similar advantages, they are very distinct business models and one should conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if they are the right options they want. 

Similarities between Network Marketing and Home Based Franchise

To begin with, both business models offer some degree of flexibility with regards to the use of time in that you can decide on the number of hours you want to work. However, you have to understand that the results you get will be directly proportional to the amount of time you dedicate to the business. 

Secondly, both models have great material when it comes to marketing. A network marketing company always has predesigned marketing strategies, which someone can adopt and implement immediately. A home based franchise on the other hand will come with complete resources on training, backup as well as support. Whereas the franchise marketing models have always been proven to work in a number of places, some of the models proposed by a number of network marketing businesses are never effective at all, though they go at great lengths to organize seminars and leadership training sessions as part of their marketing strategy. 

In both business models, the proprietors do not have any expenses as a result of rent. A home based franchise will possibly use their own premises as stores and offices for their business and for network marketing, the owner of the product or services will provide warehousing for storing the products. 

Another striking similarity between network marketing and a home based franchise is that both businesses will take a considerable time before they can realize their full potential income. Even though the entry level in network marketing might be a bit low compared to a home based franchise, it will take a lot of time in network marketing to recruit a considerable number of distributors for you to start seeing some significant results. This can take up to 2 years from the date of joining the company. The same case applies to a home based franchise. The owner will have to work really hard in order to start seeing some good returns from the business and this can also take a lot of time. 

Differences between Network Marketing and Home Based Franchises

There are very many differences between a network marketing business and a home based franchise. The differences are evident from the cost of startups, control of the business, work flexibility, amongst other things. The very notable differences are discussed below. 

Start Up Costs

The startup cost for a network marketing venture is relatively low and some companies even offer free signups, but the caveat is that you have accept make a monthly autoship for your membership to be active. A home based franchise on the other hand, requires a huge sum of capital to invest in. This high entry barrier has prevented a number of people from starting such kinds of ventures. 


A home based business can end up having to keep track of large inventories such as customer lists, daily production reports, orders and deliveries made, employee records, etc. This additional headache is not present in a network marketing business since the manufacturer of the product will do the manufacturing, storage, processing and delivering all the orders made. All you have to do is to get the customers and add the number of distributors. 

Income Possibilities

The income potentials in both models also vary a lot. A home based franchise will make money only if the owner keeps working on it and improving on the services and the products. This therefore means that if the proprietor is away for the holidays, then they will not make any money. This is unlike a network marketing business. With this a model, the owner can still make a considerable amount of money from the commissions resulting from their recruits even if they do not sell a thing, though they have to pay for the monthly auto-ship for this to be effected. 


Other than the control of personal time, which both models have, a person running a home based franchise seems to have more control over their business than their counterparts do in network marketing. The owner of a home based franchise can control the kind of products produced, they can increase their earning potentials by increasing the units of goods they produce, and they can also decide when to run, sell, or close the venture. However, in network marketing, there is very little control. For instance, there are already predesigned income and compensation structures, which can only be altered by the real owners of the network. Secondly, when the real owners of the multi level marketing decide to close down the business, then all the distributors stand to lose their sources of income all at once. 

Work Environments

Most home based franchise will force the proprietor to work from home and in most of the cases work alone. This can’t suit persons who like to work in teams and like to socialize with different kinds of people. Such kind of persons are well suited for network marketing where there are always many seminars, team building meetings amongst other arrays of events meant to bring together the members of the network.

Therefore, both network marketing and a home based franchise have their advantages and disadvantages and one needs to do a thorough evaluation to determine the one that not only suites their personality but also one which will make them realize their financial dreams in the best logical way. While doing so, they must also consider that it takes hard work and dedication to make any venture successful.

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Managing Remote Employees From Home

Managing remote employees and assistants working in the virtual world is now part and parcel of everyday business. It used to be just common in some industries, now practically every industry has some kind of outsourcing, whether it’s information technology workers handling your servers or telesales reps located in other parts of the world. In order to manage remote employees and assistants effectively, the first step is to hire correctly right off the bat. It doesn’t matter if you implement the best management system in the world with the best software to track, the wrong workers will fail to deliver the results you require. It’s important to go over the credentials and expertise of the employees before you bring them on board. Hire people who are ‘coachable’ and eager to learn, not just those looking to make money. Communicate your organizational goals and vision to the workers. Let them know that even though they work remotely, they are still an integral part of the team. Emphasize the value system and put it an incentives and rewards program in place based on performance metrics.

Managing remote employees and assistants is fairer for both parties if expectations are established well up front. Most remote workers are more time-based than results-oriented. Clearly emphasize the team results and goals desired. You can take advantage of widespread technology that allow you to capture real-time screenshots and exact hours logged in on the project. However, it’s more beneficial to walk a fine line, there’s no need to be too authoritarian. Your goal is to provide is a flexible environment to allow the remote workers to excel. It’s smart strategy not to establish so many rules up front that you eliminate any potential for creativity. The much better option would be to implement guidelines and procedures conducive to productivity. People perform much better when they are inspired and motivated by the way their employers treat and value them. Develop trust in your remote workers by providing a flexible atmosphere and mutual boundaries for them to thrive. Patience is also key, there’s usually a learning curve involved. Encourage feedback and establish regular communication to monitor progress. Mistakes are likely to be made, take steps to make sure they learn and get more effective and efficient as they gain more experience.

Managing remote employees and assistants is also a battle against job burnout. Typically remote workers are doing the same exact task day in day out completely isolated. Use technology to connect virtual teams and develop some team camaraderie. Encourage team bonding and development, have team members share experiences, allow them to learn from each other. Conduct frequent training sessions that empowers them to do their jobs better. Challenge your remote workers to seek creative ways to do their jobs better. Managing remote employees and assistants effectively can lead to tremendous success, be willing to stay flexible and open-minded, it’s a two-way street. Make the remote employees feel like they are regular staff members and they will perform and exceed all expectations.

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How To Work From Home With A Baby

Working at home with a baby can bring on new challenges to parenthood.  Learning how to work from home with a baby can sometimes make your life upside down for a little while until you get used to the new changes.  Adding a work from home job to the mixture of raising a baby can be a bit of a struggle. With saying that—working from home with a baby is not impossible.  Actually, the majority of the people who work from home are stay-at-home moms or dads.  If you are working from home with a baby or children, you are going to need to find what works best for you.  Are you more productive with an uninterrupted workday, or can you manage a less predictable schedule?  Read on for some helpful ways and tips on how to work at home with a baby.

For some working from home means spending more time with your children, and having a more flexible work schedule.  And usually hiring a child care provider is not an option—after all, is that not one benefit to working from home; not having to pay for child care!

Setting out a schedule with deadlines and making a do-to list is important when learning how to work from home with a baby.  All parents know that a set schedule does not always go as planned. Therefore, setting a deadline would be more practical for a stay-at-home parent if you give yourself a time limit to complete tasks. Be realistic when agreeing to taking on new duties. For example, if you are a freelance writer and have assignments that are due, set a period in the day that you will have those assignments done.  Keep in mind that a baby’s schedule does not always go as planned.

A great time to take advantage and to get some work done is when baby is taking a nap, playing or swinging in the swing or even sleeping at night.  Have an area beside you with a blanket and some toys to entertain baby while you are checking emails or editing a draft.  In addition, it is helpful for a more productive and less distracting day if you have an organized home.  Clean up the night before so you do not have to worry about it the next day.

If you find that you cannot work with your child around- consider a babysitter.  Reach out to family and friends or other parents in the community; they are more than likely to offer their help.  Having a babysitting around for a few hours a day with your child, can give you that uninterrupted time and the ability to accomplish more.

Whether you are able to work with your baby around or not make sure that, you are taking time away from work to attend to your child’s needs.  Make sure you are scheduling family time in your workday, maybe it is for feedings, naptime snuggles, having lunch with your older children or taking a walk.  Remember children grow up fast, you want to make the most of the time while they are still young.

These are basic tips on how to work from home with a baby, but ultimately; you know your baby best so find what works for baby and you.  A healthy balance between baby and work will benefit everyone in your family.

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