Five Work-From-Home Myths to Leave in the Past

An increasing number of people are now finding work online that gives them a stable stream of income. Job opportunities have opened online because of online work platforms. Aside from the income, the possibility of being able to work at home is another reason why online jobs attract a lot of people. However, there are several people who still have some misgivings about the thought of working from home because of some misconceptions. Discussed below are five of the most common myths about working from home.

Limited Work Options

There are a lot of people who decided not to try their luck online because they thought jobs available online are only for web developers and those in the field of customer service. However, you should know that many people are able to establish a thriving career by working from home. Whether you are a neophyte or a seasoned professional, you will surely find a job opportunity online that matches your credentials. Keep in mind that most of the tools you need to work in an office are available to you if you have a computer with internet connection.

Professionals like lawyers, teachers, and gardening experts are able to communicate with clients and render their services successfully online. If you visit a reputable online work platform like oDesk and Elance, you will find a long list of job offers that are appropriate for your credentials. Even if you are not a degree holder, there are other work opportunities for you. It is not easy to find a client if you are still starting, but you will soon enjoy immense success if you are consistent in delivering excellent services.

People Working from Home Procrastinate

Unlike in the office where superiors are monitoring everyone’s work progress, no one is there to tell you to focus on your task when working from home. Indeed, there are many things that could tempt you to do other stuff that are more fun than finishing your work. However, nothing should distract a dedicated and self-disciplined professional. Be sure to take away the things that could distract you from your working area such as the television and magazines.

If you are married with small children, then be sure to set some boundaries. Explain to your family how important it is for you to maintain your focus, so they won’t disrupt you unnecessarily. Let them know at what time you are working. Single parents are advised to work while their children are at school or you could hire a caregiver to ensure your child is well cared for while you work. This way, you will be able to provide undivided attention to your child and to your work.

For more information about staying productive when working from a home office, check out: Top Time Management Tips To Get Stuff Done

The Office Provides a More Ideal Working Environment

On the contrary, you are more likely to work better when you working from home. When you are working in the office, you are often distracted by officemates who stop by your cubicle to chat. If you are not included in the conversation, the chattering voices near you will keep you from focusing. After all, who could resist the temptation of hearing the latest gossip in the office? All the noises of the machines and other activities in the office can also create distractions.

Stanford University conducted a study on 13,000 employees of CTrip, a travel agency based in Shanghai, China. Researchers found that the work performance of people working from home increased to 12 percent. This is because there are no gossipy officemates to interrupt you. It is also easier to control the traffic and noise within your working area. In addition, home-based contractors also provided more time at work than those working in an office because they take fewer and shorter breaks. As a result, they are able to finish their work more efficiently and at a shorter period of time.

You Will Lose Your Social Life

Just because you no longer need to travel to your work, doesn’t mean that you will never be able to go out. As a matter of fact, it is easier for you to squeeze in some fun stuff in your schedule. Home based work often has flexible schedules, which mean that you just have to manage your time properly. By doing so, you will be able to maintain the balance in your life.

Collaboration is Not Possible

It is important for employees and employers to maintain communication. This way, projects are completed correctly and efficiently. Some people hesitate to take on an online job because they are afraid they will be left alone in their work without getting any feedback or input from employers. However, there are several ways to maintain communication with your employers and other team members. Aside from instant messaging, video conferencing will allow you to discuss important matters with your employer even if you are oceans apart.

Do not wait for your employer to contact you if you have any concerns about your projects. Send emails or speak with them through chat if they are online. Aside from problems, you can also speak with employers to give them updates about the progress of your work. In fact, it is recommended that you keep them posted about your progress so they would know that you are working hard.

Like any kind of job, being a home-based professional has many challenges. However, these challenges only make your success feel even more rewarding. If you have self-discipline and passion for your work, then you will do well by working from home. Now that you already know the myths, consider taking your work at home.

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3 Legitimate Work From Home Ideas For 2015

A new year is also a chance to find new opportunities, which you can accomplish without leaving your home. All you need is a computer and internet connection. A lot of people are now making money by starting up a home business online. The key reason why they participate in such businesses is that Australian’s are now getting the services and products they need over the internet. Here’s our list of 3 interesting online home businesses. 

Earning As A Freelancer

You can become a freelancer easier than ever to be paid well for your skills online. Whether you are a life coach, fitness guru, a counselor, or even a psychic reader, you can provide your services online. Sign-up in reliable online work platforms to find potential clients who are engaged in the services you are offering. These are places like oDesk, Freelancer, and Elance.

Based upon your schedule and skills, you’ll likely have several clients at a time. After setting up a good status and getting a sizable client base, you can offer your services on your own website. Professional freelancing is a sensible move if you’d like to become your own boss without the hassles of managing a typical business. Just be certain you are consistent in offering excellent services and communication. There are other freelancers that you’ll compete with, so your services must be prominent always.

Establishing Your Own Ecommerce Store

Finding the ideal place is important in developing and running a physical store. However, you don’t have to fear such things if you build your business online. All you need to obtain is a user-friendly and smartly designed website. Doing this will help you increase sales and conversion, while building positive customer sentiment. By adding e-commerce software in your website, you can sell 24/7 to your target customers.

It’s for you to decide on what items will you sell for as long as you will be able to spend the time to package and ship out items in a speedy manner. It’s best to market your products near your community first and develop your business eventually. When you offer excellent support services and have refined your processes, then expanding becomes a lot easier. 

Affiliate Marketing With A Blog

This works best when you have a blog or website of your own. Do not forget that you need to have great web traffic in order to turn this into an empire though. You’ll get a good pay from companies if their service or product converts well with your site or list readership. At a simple level affiliate marketing works by placing an ad in your website, and for every visitor who will click the ads, you will be compensated by the company whose ad was clicked. Normally a percentage of sale that takes place on the advertisers site is what you will be paid, but some affilate programs pay-per-action, and this may be per click, or per lead etc.

Thus, affiliate marketing is worthy addition to interesting online home business ideas for 2015. SEO services is ideal to utilize for your new website or blog page. If affiliate marketing through a content site, put the priority on the quality of the content. Organic search traffic is free except for the time you put in, so give it proper attention. Once you have decent readership,  there is high chances that PR representatives will get in touch to also advertise on your site to your audience.

Those are the 3 interesting online home business ideas for 2015 that you should consider if you want to develop your wealth this year. The internet has hundreds of business options, and it is unwise to miss out on those that may click with you. However, starting any business or money making endeavor involves working hard and persistently for you to succeed in this undertaking. Think things through before you make any conclusions, start small, make it work and then look to scale.

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