Uncovering Work From Home Scams

The internet has opened up a whole world of opportunities for those who want to work from home. There are so many opportunities available that people can choose to make working from home a fulltime job and their prime source of income, or they can work part-time to supplement income they get from their normal job.

Unfortunately, as with all areas of commerce, internet work from home opportunities have also attracted the attention of fraudsters and con artists. While many opportunities will be genuine, you need to be on your guard against those that are set up to defraud you, or worse, involve you in criminal activities.

Uncovering work from home scams is not too difficult when you are aware of the schemes and tactics used by online scammers. You need to be wary of the market you are entering and err on the side of caution. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy or honesty of any work from home project, then it is safer to keep away from it.

Many internet scams are just modern versions of tactics scammers employed using more conventional communications in the past. Advertising in local newspapers has been replaced by promoting scam websites. Being aware of the tactics used will help to protect you from scammers. There are some rules that you can apply when assessing any online opportunity.

1) Do not pay upfront fees. No genuine employer asks employees to pay to be employed. When you come across an online scheme, just ask yourself is the employer behaving as an employer in a face-to-face situation would.

There is an exception to this rule. If you are buying stock with the intention of reselling, then you will have to pay when you order the stock.

2) Avoid schemes where you are being asked to buy kits for assembly. The idea is you assemble the kit and return the finished product to the employer. You can be certain your assembled kit will fail their quality standards and you will be out of pocket.

3) Avoid schemes where you act as an intermediary. A typical example is where you are asked to offer an item for sale on an auction site. You are given full details, including photos, of the products. All you have to do is sell the product and then forward a percentage of the sale price to your contact. The customer who has bought from you either does not receive any goods, or gets an inferior product. The customer will claim the full cost back from you.

4) Do not agree to have your home used as a depot. In these scams, you are asked to receive goods at your address, for which you will be paid a fee. After a time, a courier arrives to collect these goods and you are given a cheque. Needless to say the cheque will bounce.

Often, the goods have been paid for with stolen credit card details, and the police will get your address from the companies who supplied the goods.

5) Never pay for directories or lists of contacts. These are always useless.

Keeping these rules in mind will help you in uncovering work from home scams.

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Why Technology Has Made it Even Easier to Work From Home

The last few years have been an exciting time for workers around the world, as we’ve seen a sea change in the very foundations of employment. For our parents’ generation the world of work was very simple: they’d wake with the alarm clock, shower, grab a quick breakfast and join the gruelling morning commute to their offices, factories and stores. The schedule was always the same, Monday through Friday, with a blessed pause in the daily grind for a too-brief weekend.

Today, though… well, today it’s a little different. Millions of people now make a living from home all around the world. They wake when they’re ready. They sip a coffee while sitting in on a conference call on the other side of the ocean, and toast a bagel while browsing emails from clients and customers from Melbourne to Mumbai. They work only as much as they need to make a living, and on a whim the weekend can be moved to Tuesday afternoon.

Of course it’s not quite as simple as that in reality. Working from home is tough, and it requires endless motivation to get up and get the job done without a boss peering over our shoulders. In the last few years, though, we’ve seen the development of lots of technology that makes working from home easier; wonderful, futuristic gadgets that help us manage our work, structure our days and drive us on to ever greater levels of success.


Until recently, home workers who needed access to the Internet were shackled to their desktops or bulky laptops. It was only when the iPad arrived in 2010 that online work became truly mobile, allowing us to comfortably connect to the world from every room of the house (including, ahem, the smallest room), and to take our work on the road.
The effect of the iPad and competing tablets on home workers shouldn’t be underestimated. What started as a novelty has been warmly embraced, and today home workers use tablets for everything from creating spreadsheets and invoices to connecting with customers, seeking out new clients and, of course, watching the occasional movie during a break.


Before Skype (and competitors such as Line and WhatsApp) came along, communicating with clients while working from home came in two flavours: we either called them on the phone or shot off an email. The first could prove costly, especially if our clients were based overseas, while the second wasted valuable time as we waited hours or days for a reply.
Services such as Skype have done nothing less than revolutionise the way home workers communicate. Calls that used to cost dollars now cost pennies, and we can now share ideas and find new custom at the touch of a button, contacting anyone on the planet without keeping an eye on the phone bill.
Well… Everything

Skype may be the single best example of an app that makes working from home easier, but it’s far from the only one. As technology advances at a blistering pace we’re finding new ways to become more productive and organised each and every day. Improved anti-virus software and firewalls make our data (and the data of our clients) more secure each day. Apps and online resources such as Google docs and Apple’s Numbers app help us plan our finances. Hardware advancements offer more powerful computers and faster Internet, providing us with resources that simply didn’t exist just a few years ago.
Every day it becomes a little easier to work from home. The benefits of the office fade and the drawbacks of home-based work diminish as we’re handed an ever larger toolbox, from fancy touchscreen gadgets to exceptional apps and online services.

As you can see there has never been a better time to start working from home. More than at any time in our history we all have the tools to succeed on our own. All it takes is hard work, tenacity and ambition, and while there isn’t an app for that you’ll (hopefully) find it within yourself.

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Why Most People Fail At Network Marketing

Many people mistakenly get involved in network marketing assuming that they will gain overnight riches. The same way a high number of people fail at most home businesses also applies to network marketing. There’s no short cut to success, it requires planning, patience and hard work. Those that may appear to have found success overnight have actually been working very hard behind the scenes to make it happen for a long time in most cases. A majority of people don’t make it past 3 months in network marketing. Now imagine the successes of Tiger Woods, Oprah or Bill Gates, everybody must agree it took them much longer than 3 months to become prolific in their field. Those aspiring to make it in network marketing must adjust their mindset to see the big picture. How much can you really learn trying something for just 3 months? Staring something brand new is always most challenging at the very beginning. A lot of times, people tend to quit right before they can get over the hump when things become clearer and easier to grasp.

The reasons why most people fail at network marketing are numerous, however, one of the most significant ones is failure to create a sound marketing plan. Every business from your local grocer to the largest corporations need some kind of marketing or strategic plan. For most people that get involved in network marketing, their strategic plan is selling to their relatives and friends. When that doesn’t work out, things tend to go south from there. A network marketing business needs to be treated like any other business, it needs effective planning and execution. People start online businesses with the same mindset, thinking they can reach success overnight. Success online or network marketing requires the same fundamentals as offline businesses. One needs to identify their potential customer base and figure out how to reach them effectively and efficiently. Some kind of investment is needed whether financial or time. Most people that engage in network marketing usually can’t afford to buy leads, therefore they need to invest plenty of time and effort. It generally takes time for hard work and effort to pay off, by then most people become desperate because they failed to plan and run out of money before their efforts can bring in enough results.

Another major contributing factor why most people fail at network marketing is that they are chasing the next shiny object. Network marketing is a people business. People will notice immediately if you are not sincere and are in it just to make a dollar. You are more likely to find success in network marketing if you choose a product, solution or company that you have experience in. If you have been successful using a product yourself, sharing it will become more natural, you will have some credibility in the eyes of your potential customers. There are many great products out there, people buy because of the relationship and trust factor. You will enjoy more success if you become more credible by caring and sincerity. Furthermore, developing your skills and continuously applying new educational insight is key, you must be prepared to constantly learn and try out new strategies. Lasting success in network marketing comes to those who care, learn, apply and persevere.

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Outsource Those Nuisance Tasks When Working From Home

As a home business owner, productivity and taking care of your customer’s needs is the most important thing you should be doing. Therefore, rather than have to worry about trivial tasks, you can instead consider the option of outsourcing those nuisance tasks to third party companies, so you can make the most out of your time. Running a home business, you have to make sure you are focused on the end product or service, and the best possible delivery to your customers. For this reason, you can’t be bothered by the smaller things; whether it is answering calls from customers, or typing up memos, hiring third party companies. Outsourcing these tasks will free up your time.

When choosing the companies or agencies to hire, you have to make sure of their reliability and reputation, this ensures the best quality workers. Just because you are outsourcing certain tasks, does not mean they do not have to be done well; therefore, you have to hire the most qualified, and know that you do not have to micromanage them, in order for them to do their tasks properly. You can outsource answering services, technical services, billing inquiries, and several other “office task”. In doing this, you free up your time, while still being able to handle customer calls or enquiries when they come in.

In deciding on the companies you will outsource to, business owners have to know who they are dealing with. From the quality of their work, to the type of services they will do, it is important to know the companies and employees you are outsourcing are truly the best for the job. It is important that your customers are happy, so it is important to hire outsourced employees who can cater to your customers’ needs, and properly respond to their questions and concerns when they have them.

Depending on the industry your business is in, you have to consider a variety of companies to turn to, when you are looking to outsource. It is important to consider qualifications, and to know that the employees you are hiring, are fully trained in the subject matter, and services your company offers. Whether it is technical support, email support, or answering customer calls 24/7, it is extremely important that those employees you choose to hire, know how to deal with customer inquiries and concerns, and it is important that they properly deal with complaints and customer issues.

Business owners have to use their time wisely, and for this reason outsourcing is the ideal solution for many. But, when deciding on the employees to outsource, it is critical that you choose the right individuals for the job. By putting your time and effort in to actually running the business, rather than to the minor tasks that you can outsource, your home business is going to run a lot more efficiently. So, choosing the right employees to outsource, and working with those who can do the small tasks for your company, are some things a business owner should do, in order to streamline operations, keep customers happy, and get all important operational tasks completed.

Focus on work that brings money through the door. Know what value your own time at (calculate your personal hourly rate), and if anything falls below that…outsource it!

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